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Tennessee Health Insurance Quotes

Tennessee health insurance can be an expensive commodity—and coverage can be scant. Searching for the right health insurance can leave you more confused than ever—and wondering how secure your family's future would really be in case of an accident or long term illness.

InsureMe is here to help! We know how hard finding good Tennessee health insurance can be, and we'd like to take the burden off your shoulders. Just provide us with a little information about yourself at the top of this page, and we'll get you up to five competitive Tennessee health insurance quotes right away.

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Your Tennessee Health Insurance Options

Tennessee health insurance is typically available in two categories, group and individual. Employers usually offer employees group health insurance, whereas an individual purchasing a health care plan on his or her own would purchase an individual health insurance plan.

Fee-for-Service plans and Managed-Care plans are the most popular and well-known Tennessee health insurance policies. Fee-for-Service plans enable the ensured to receive treatment, after which the health insurance company pays all or a portion of the total medical bills. Any doctor or health care provider may be used. Managed-care plans, including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Point-of-Service plans (POS), provide more comprehensive services and medical treatments, and enable members to use their services for a periodic, fixed fee. However, this type of coverage requires the use of pre-selected, contracted health care providers who charge discounted rates. Using a provider outside the contracted network of Tennessee health care providers may cause a denial of coverage.

Tennessee Health Insurance Facts

Getting educated is the best way to make an informed decision when shopping for Tennessee health insurance. It is important to stay up-to-date on changes in Tennessee health insurance laws and regulations, and adjust your health insurance coverage accordingly.

We have compiled some information below regarding your rights and protections under current Tennessee law—and the limits those protections carry. We hope this information proves helpful and relevant in your quest for health insurance. If you have further questions concerning Tennessee health insurance, contact the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance at 800-342-4029, or contact them online at www.state.tn.us/commerce.

Your Rights

When searching for Tennessee health insurance, you have the right to:

  • Insurance coverage for certain mandated benefits
  • Obtain a copy of your health insurance benefits for comparison purposes
  • Know what your health insurance plan does and does not cover
  • Prompt payment of claims
  • A written explanation when an insurance company denies your health insurance application or refuses to cover a health condition
  • Emergency room coverage for life-threatening injuries
  • Contact your insurer to complain or appeal any decisions with which you disagree

Your Protections

When purchasing Tennessee health insurance, the law provides you certain protections. These include:

  • Group health coverage cannot be denied due to health status.
  • Group health plans must limit exclusion of pre-existing conditions.
  • Tennessee health insurance cannot be canceled due to illness.
  • Group health plans must be guaranteed for small employers, regardless of claims risk.
  • If you leave your job, you may be able to remain in your previous employer's group health plan for a period of time.
  • If you are eligible for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. (HIPPA), you are guaranteed the right to purchase an individual health plan.
  • If you lose your group health insurance, you may be able to purchase a conversion policy.
  • If you are in a low-income category, you and the members of your household may be eligible for free or subsidized health care coverage.
  • If you lose your health insurance and are receiving Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) benefits, you may be eligible for a federal income tax credit called Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) to help you pay for new health coverage.
  • Retirees aged 55-65 who are receiving Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) benefits may also be eligible for the HCTC.

Your Protection Limits

The protection Tennessee health insurance laws provide is limited in some of the following ways:

  • Except by exercising your COBRA rights, you may usually not take your old health benefits with you when you change jobs.
  • If you change jobs, health coverage may not be offered.
  • If you get a new job with health benefits, your coverage may not start right away
  • If you are uninsured for more than 63 days, you may have to satisfy a new waiting period before pre-existing conditions are covered under your new employer's plan.
  • If you are not HIPPA eligible, your access to individual health insurance depends on your health status.
  • Even if you are HIPPA eligible, the law does not limit what you can be charged for individual health insurance.
  • If you move to another state, you may not be able to purchase individual health insurance unless you are HIPPA eligible.
  • If you work for a small employer, you may be charged more for health insurance if someone in your group is ill.

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