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Indiana Car Insurance

With today's competitive market, finding affordable Indiana car insurance can feel overwhelming.

InsureMe makes shopping for Indiana car insurance seem like a walk in the park. By entering your information to the right, we can provide you with up to five quotes from companies in your area for quick and easy comparison.

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Understanding Indiana Car Insurance

What will Indiana car insurance do for me?

Your Indiana car insurance policy acts as a contract between you and your insurance company which affirms that in exchange for paying the premiums, your company will pay for any losses incurred in an accident — as outlined in your policy.

Can I drive without Indiana car insurance?

No! The State of Indiana requires all motorists to carry liability coverage in their Indiana car insurance policy. The minimum requirements for liability coverage are as follows:

  • $20,000 for in bodily injury coverage for one person involved in an accident
  • $40,000 for bodily injury coverage for all persons involved in an accident
  • $10,000 for property damage resulting from an accident.

These requirements are also known as 20/40/10.

Will I need to take out separate coverage for uninsured motorists?

All Indiana car insurance policies must include uninsured motorist coverage unless you reject it in writing. Your Indiana car insurance policy will include the minimum coverage of 25/50/10 for uninsured motorist protection.

What if I am caught driving without Indiana car inIndiana Car Insurancesurance?

If you are caught without Indiana car insurance, your license will be suspended for 90 days and you will be fined $150.

If you are caught again without Indiana car insurance in three years, your license will be suspended for one year and you will be fined $225.

Every violation after that will result in loss of license for one year and a $300 fine.

Remember that driving without insurance will put a major blemish on your driving record, making it more difficult and more expensive when you try to buy a new Indiana car insurance policy!

What determines my Indiana car insurance rates?

Your Indiana car insurance rate will be determined by such factors as:

  • Your driving record & insurance companies will charge higher premiums for high risk drivers.c
  • Geographic location — rural areas have a decreased risk for accident and car theft and therefore warrant lower premiums than urban areas.
  • Type of car you drive — insurers know that you will be more likely to speed in a sports car than in a mini van.
  • How many miles you drive on average per year — the more you drive, the greater the chance for an accident.

A Word about Fraud

The Indiana Department of Insurance urges consumers to protect themselves from insurance fraud through education.

When shopping for Indiana car insurance, be sure to investigate your prospective agents and companies. You can check consumer satisfaction ratings, as well as the company's financial standing through A.M. Best or Weiss Ratings.

Before purchasing your Indiana car insurance, you will need to make sure that your agent and the company he or she represents are licensed to do business in Indiana. A licensed company must be registered through the Indiana Department of Insurance. To find out whether your agent or company is licensed, call 1-800-622-4461 or 317-232-2385. You may also request information through the Department of Insurance website.

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