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A History of Health Insurance Quotes

In the past, consumers like you who were looking for health insurance quotes had to look up insurance agents in the phone book, call for an appointment, and give their personal health history for every quote they needed. This was a time-consuming and frustrating process, as some health insurance quotes were well outside some consumers' price range, and consumers had to wait a considerable time to get a health insurance quote. However, this system did have one advantage—consumers were able to speak with a real agent, ask questions, get a clear understanding of the health insurance policy, and then get an accurate health insurance quote.

The advent of the Internet allowed consumers the opportunity to access insurance information and health insurance quotes online through insurance referral services. These services cater to the growing demand for online health insurance quotes and, as you may expect, each has its own way of providing quotes to consumers.

Some companies provide health insurance quotes online. This method is convenient because it gives you an idea how much health insurance will cost. Caveat emptor (buyer beware): sometimes online health insurance quotes can be inaccurate. Some companies present their cheapest possible quote online, and many of their insurance plans have minimal coverage and high co-payments or high deductibles.

Keep in mind that health insurance quotes are based on many determining factors, such as health history, height, weight and age. Be wary of quotes generated without this basic information, as they are likely to be inaccurate.

Companies like InsureMe are another type of insurance referral service. We send your information to insurance agents or insurance companies that pay for it. The advantages to this type of service are numerous. First, you input your information only once and it is distributed to multiple insurance agents (in most cases), and you receive multiple quotes with only one inquiry. This helps consumers like you save time when looking for health insurance quotes. Second, you get competitive quotes from knowledgeable professionals who analyze your information and give you an accurate quote. These insurance agents tend to be responsive and eager to help.

InsureMe is a leader in the online health insurance referral business, and we have been helping people find the right insurance since 1993.

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