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Georgia Health Insurance Quotes

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Important Health Insurance Information

Applying for Georgia health insurance can be a tiresome process. It takes a lot of time and understanding to review and make sure you understand policy terms, state regulations and insurability.

We have assembled the following information to make your Georgia health insurance shopping process easier. We hope you will review various agents' and companies' offerings and ask clarifying questions before you settle on the policy you believe best serves you and your family.

Remain informed on updates in Georgia law to help ensure the health care coverage you expect when you need it most. Also, stay in contact with your Georgia health insurance agent for informative answers about any changes in your health insurance coverage.

Buying Georgia Health Insurance

Georgia residents are insured either through a group plan sponsored by their employers or through an individual Georgia health insurance policy. Georgians who are self-employed, between jobs or not covered by an employer may find it difficult to find affordable Georgia health insurance.

Selecting the right Georgia health insurance company can be critical to your well-being-and to your pocketbook. Consider asking the following questions when searching for a Georgia health insurance policy:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • How can I get in touch with the agent or company?
  • Is the company/agent licensed?
  • How do independent rating agencies such as A.M. Best rate the company?
  • What is the company's complaint ratio?

The Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance can help you determine the answers to these questions, as well as find answers to other insurance-related inquires. You'll find their contact information at the end of this article.

Insurance Shopping Tips

Following are some tips to help make your Georgia health insurance shopping easier:

  • Verify all company/agent licenses
  • Fill out applications accurately and completely
  • Comparison shop using InsureMe
  • Do not be misled by advertising
  • Make sure you understand what you are buying
  • Never permit high-pressure tactics


Georgia insurance companies consider several factors to determine your insurability. Some of these factors include your age, health, habits and lifestyle, and occupation.

The older you are when you purchase your Georgia health insurance, the higher your premiums will usually be-and the harder it will be to find an insurance company willing to insure you. This is because your risk of health-related issues increases as you get older. Habits such as drinking or smoking can also result in difficulty finding quality health insurance, as they are associated with various health problems costing insurance companies millions of dollars in claims every year. Working a job which is dangerous or puts your health at risk may also contribute negatively to your insurability.

Beware of Discount Health Plans!

Discount health plans often promise huge discounts on medical care-but they are not real health insurance plans! These plans charge members a fee for a list of participating discount health care providers, and offer medical service discounts from hospitals and doctors. However, unlike real health insurance coverage, you are still held personally responsible for all medical bills incurred.

Discount health plans are not regulated by the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office…so you are not covered by the usual consumer protection laws if you decide to purchase one of these plans. And beware-you may have no recourse if you become involved in a dispute with a Georgia discount health care provider.

Need More Information?

For more information on shopping for Georgia health insurance, please examine our health insurance section. You may also call the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office at 800-656-2298, or access their Web site at www.gainsurance.org.

Ready to Save?

We hope this information has been informative and beneficial in your Georgia health insurance shopping process. Now let us help you find the health insurance you deserve! Top Georgia health insurance agents are standing by to assist you with your health insurance needs-with just a word from us!

Submit your information and get on the road to affordable health protection now!

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