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Nebraska Health Insurance

Nebraska health insurance is complex and constantly changing. If you are desperately searching for the health coverage you need, you have come to the right place.

InsureMe is your key to locating the right Nebraska health insurance policy at the most affordable price—and we were established for consumers just like you! With just a little information, you and your family can be on the way to the health insurance protection you are searching for.

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Nebraska Health Insurance: Important Facts and Information

More than two out of five working adults either have difficulty paying their medical bills or are in medical debt, according to a recent study by The Commonwealth Fund.

This makes getting sufficient Nebraska health insurance coverage very important.

As health care costs continue to rise due to increasing medical technology, rising drug prices and aging baby boomers, more employers are cutting employee health insurance benefits.

This means Nebraska workers are paying more out-of-pocket for their Nebraska health insurance coverage—and these costs are not projected to decrease soon.

State Health Regulations

In exchange for your premium payments, Nebraska health insurance companies are required by law to cover certain health benefits, such as mammograms and diabetes care. Other services commonly covered include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Pediatric care
  • Surgery
  • Maternity care
  • Medical tests and X-rays
  • Doctor's office visits

If you have a preexisting condition, or one diagnosed before you purchased your Nebraska health insurance coverage, you may have to wait a while before your provider covers you for its treatment. This is because there are no limits on preexisting health condition exclusion periods in Nebraska.

Nebraska also imposes no limits on what a health insurer can charge you for coverage if you buy an individual health plan. You may be charged higher rates for your Nebraska health insurance due to your age, health status, gender or other characteristics.

However, once you purchase a plan, your Nebraska health insurance provider cannot cancel your policy if you get sick. This is referred to as "guaranteed renewability," and can mean the difference between financial disaster and a secure future.

Your Health Insurance Options

Nebraska health insurance is typically available in two different categories, group and individual.

Employers usually offer their employees group health and medical insurance, whereas a Nebraska resident purchasing a health care plan on his or her own from an agent or company would purchase an individual health insurance plan.

Health Insurance Plans

The most popular and well known Nebraska health insurance policies include Fee-for-Service plans and Managed-Care plans. Fee-for-Service plans enlist the health insurance company in paying all or a portion of your medical bills after you have received treatment. You may choose your own primary care physician.

In contrast, managed-care plans, which include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Point-of-Service plans (POS), provide more comprehensive services and medical treatments for a periodic, fixed fee. However, you must usually use contracted health care providers to service your needs. If you go outside the contracted network of Nebraska health care providers, you may not be covered, except in case of an emergency.

Choosing a Plan

Following these guidelines is essential when choosing the right Nebraska health insurance plan:

  1. If you have pre-existing conditions or other special needs, check with a doctor or support organization to see if they have health insurance recommendations.
  2. Carefully review insurance policies and contact the insurance company or agent if you have questions.
  3. Find out the frequency at which the insurance company increases its rates and how aging changes your rates.
  4. Look for "health plan report cards" assessing quality of care and consumer satisfaction.
  5. When buying a managed care plan, make sure the provider's directory includes suitable doctors, hospitals and other care providers convenient for you.
  6. Call the insurer's call center phone number to see how long it takes them to respond.

Saving Money

Becoming informed about Nebraska health insurance is the first step to acquiring the health insurance coverage you need. But you must also use common sense to save money and make the best purchasing decision possible.

Some worthwhile ways to save money on your Nebraska health insurance include:

  • Think ahead: the best time to get low cost health insurance is when you are young and healthy.
  • Shop around: know what you need and compare quotes from several insurers.
  • Increase your deductible: the higher your deductible, the less your premium.
  • Coordinate coverages: if you and your spouse both work and have Nebraska health insurance benefits, compare plans and choose the best parts of each.
  • Take advantage of flexible spending accounts: these are tax free.
  • Stay healthy: this is perhaps the best way to keep health costs low.

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