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Pennsylvania Health Insurance Quotes

Increases in Pennsylvania health insurance costs have made the threat of illness or injury potentially devastating for Pennsylvania residents without health or medical insurance in recent years.

For those who are desperately searching for affordable Pennsylvania health insurance, you have come to the right place. With just a little information, InsureMe can match you up with local agents who are ready to compete for your Pennsylvania health and medical insurance business.

Give us a try and see if we can help you get the insurance you need—while saving you money!

Pennsylvania Health Insurance Programs and Options

Two different health insurance categories generally offer Pennsylvania health and medical insurance: group and individual. Typically, an employer offers its employees Pennsylvania health insurance through a group plan, whereas a Pennsylvanian purchasing a health care plan on his or her own from an agent or company purchases an individual health plan.

The types of Pennsylvania health insurance policies presented may include:

  • Fee-for-Service Plans: Often called traditional or indemnity health insurance
  • Managed-Care Plans: Include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Point-of-Service plans (POS)

Fee-for-Service plans enlist the health insurance company in paying all or a portion of medical bills after the ensured has received treatment. Usually, any doctor or health care provider may be chosen.

In contrast, managed-care plans provide comprehensive services and medical treatments to enrollees for a periodic, fixed fee. However, those utilizing this type of coverage must usually use contracted health care providers, who service their needs and charge negotiated rates. If an ensured chooses to go outside the contracted network of Pennsylvania health care providers, coverage may not be extended, except in case of an emergency.

Coverages Available

Pennsylvania residents may take advantage of many different types of health insurance coverage. Talk to your insurance agent or company to determine which coverages are necessary or warranted in your particular situation.

Basic hospital, surgical and medical insurance pays daily hospital room and board costs. This coverage also pays for specified hospital services and supplies up to a predetermined amount. Time and dollar limits apply to these benefits, so your Pennsylvania health insurance provider may pay the total costs incurred, a fixed amount per day, or simply a fixed percentage of all covered costs for a certain length of time.

Major medical insurance provides broader coverage than basic health insurance. Its intent is to provide additional protection against the high costs associated with serious or continuing illness. Benefits are payable for longer periods of time, and a large maximum lifetime benefit is provided, instead of smaller dollar and time limits.

Many supplemental Pennsylvania health insurance policies are also available, including disability, long term care, accident and Medicare Supplement.

How to Shop for Pennsylvania Health/Medical Insurance

Keep these tips in mind when looking for Pennsylvania health insurance coverage:

  • If you have pre-existing conditions or other special needs, check with a doctor or support organization to see if they have health insurance recommendations.
  • Look for "health plan report cards" assessing quality of care and consumer satisfaction among the various health care plans.
  • Carefully review the insurance policy and contact the insurance company or agent with any questions.
  • Review the section of your heath insurance policy entitled "exclusions and limitations" to find out what is not covered.
  • When buying a managed care plan, make sure the provider's directory includes suitable doctors, hospitals and other care providers convenient to you.
  • Find out the frequency at which the insurance company increases its rates and how aging changes your rates.
  • Call the insurer's call center phone number to see how long it takes them to respond.

If You Can't Find Coverage

If you have difficulty acquiring the Pennsylvania health or medical insurance you need, guaranteed coverage is available. All Pennsylvania residents are eligible for individual health insurance through plans provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. However, these plans may give you limited choices, and a preexisting condition exclusion period may apply.

Additional Questions

Direct any additional questions to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's toll free Consumer Line at 877-881-6388, or access them online at www.insurance.state.pa.us.

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