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Colorado Home Insurance Information: Protecting Your Personal Rocky Mountain Paradise

Here in Colorado, we see a wide variety of weather-related upheavals. From wildfire to rockslides to snow; we get it all, and our homes bear the brunt.

At InsureMe, we know you want to safeguard your home with the best protection at the best price. With our free referral service, you can do exactly that. Just enter your information to the right and receive up to five free quotes on Colorado home insurance today!

Home Insurance Tips to Follow

When shopping for Colorado home insurance, be sure to follow these tips to get the most protection for your bottom dollar:

Compare Quotes—use InsureMe's free referral service to compare up to five quotes at a time.

Understand Your Policy—pay close attention to the "exclusion" section of your policy to avoid any surprises if you need to file a claim.

Increase Your Deductible—increasing the amount you pay out of pocket will lower your premium. Just be sure you select a deductible you can afford.

Ask about Discounts—you may receive discounts for installing smoke detectors or electronic security systems.

Optimize Your Coverage—design your coverage around the replacement cost of your home, rather than the actual cash value.

Consider Extra Coverage—remember that Colorado homeowners insurance does not include flood coverage. For more information, check out our article on flood insurance.

Remember these tips; write them down or print them out if you have to. Following them will ensure that you receive optimum coverage for minimum price.

Important Information about Colorado Home Insurance

Colorado homeowners insurance is a "package policy." This means it protects your home from certain perils (as specified in your policy) and protects you from damages if someone was injured on your property.

If you have financed the purchase of your home through a financial institution, your lender will probably require you to carry some form of Colorado homeowners insurance. After you pay off your loan, you may cancel your policy without penalty—but doing so leaves your home and your wallet vulnerable for loss.

Types of Colorado Home Insurance

While there are multiple forms of Colorado home insurance, the most commonly purchased forms are called HO-3, HO-4 and HO-6:

  • HO-3-provides protection to your dwelling and personal property in the dwelling after loss or damage. It also covers damages to another person for which you are liable.
  • HO-4-commonly referred to as "renter's insurance," HO-4 covers the personal property and liability of tenants.
  • HO-6-provides protection for condominium-unit owners, and is designed to cover personal property and liability, the interior portion of the condominium and the loss of use.

A Word about HO-3

HO-3 covers perils such as fire, hail, vandalism, theft and windstorm. You may also purchase additional liability coverage for injury to others or damage to the property caused by you or other members of your family.

When you purchase HO-3 insurance, it is important to insure your home at 100 percent of the replacement cost value to maximize your protection. It is also recommended that you recalculate this value annually.

Remember, there may be other forms of Colorado home insurance available; be sure to discuss your needs with your agent to find suitable coverage for your abode.

Find Colorado Home Insurance Today!

Now that you've boned up on Colorado home insurance, it's time to put your knowledge to the test and get your free quotes! Just fill out the box to the left and receive your quotes today!

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