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Mississippi Home Insurance

Properly insuring your home is an important part of protecting your investment. That's why InsureMe, in business helping consumers find the right Mississippi homeowners insurance since 1993, would like to help you, too.

With about five minutes of your time, we can help you find that perfect home insurance coverage that fits your needs—and you can rest comfortably, knowing your home and belongings are protected.

Safeguard your home today with the Mississippi homeowners insurance you need. Just submit your information online, or give us a call at 800-467-8736. We'll be waiting to hear from you!

What You Should Know about Mississippi Home Insurance

Mississippi home insurance protects you and your family against loss from fire, theft, accident and other calamities.

Eventually, most everyone will be touched by at least one of these situations in some way. Prepare now with the Mississippi homeowners insurance you need, rather than waiting until disaster strikes.

Mississippi home insurance policies contain several different types of coverage all rolled into one protective plan. This means you get a more comprehensive policy at a more cost-efficient price.

Your Mississippi homeowners insurance protects you against:

  • Property damage—including both your home and its contents
  • Liability—due to a claim or lawsuit filed against you
  • Medical payments—when others are accidentally injured on your property
  • Additional living expenses—when you must move out of your home temporarily due to an incident involving damage covered by your policy
  • Damage to other structures on your property

Choosing the Right Policy

There are many different types of Mississippi home insurance policies to choose from, depending on whether you live in a single-family home, a condominium, a mobile home or in a rental situation.

If you finance your home, the bank will require you to insure it for at least the amount of your home loan. Most insurance policies require insurance coverage of at least 80 percent of your home's replacement value. Keep in mind, however, that replacement cost can be considerably higher than your original purchase price.

When shopping for your Mississippi home insurance, analyze each type of policy to determine which one fits your individual situation; then consider how much your home is worth, its replacement cost and your own monthly budget to determine how much you can afford to spend on your Mississippi home insurance.

How Much You'll Spend

Mississippi homeowners insurance premiums can vary greatly, so comparison shop to find the best policy with the greatest value for the lowest cost.

Several factors influence how much your premium costs you. These include:

  • Age of your home: New homes may qualify for discounts. Some companies are hesitant to insure very old homes.
  • Type of construction: Your home's ability to withstand or minimize loss has an impact on your premium. In addition, frame houses usually cost more to insure than brick houses.
  • Location: Urban areas have higher crime rates than rural areas, and rural areas tend to have fewer resources for fire protection. Both of these issues can affect your premium.
  • Amount of coverage: The amount of home insurance you purchase helps determine premium rates.
  • Additional coverage: Any extra coverage or additional coverage types you add beyond required state minimums raises your premium.
  • Deductibles: The higher your deductible (or the amount you pay before the insurance company begins paying), the lower your premium.

With a little extra effort on your part, you can keep your Mississippi home insurance premiums low.

The best ways to do this include asking your insurer about discounts, insuring your home and your car with the same insurance company, installing security systems and smoke alarms in your home, and staying with the same Mississippi home insurance company for several years.

Making a Home Inventory

A home inventory is simply a list of all your possessions, their worth and details about them. This information may become necessary if you need to file a Mississippi home insurance claim.

To make a home inventory, first make a list of each room in your house. Then walk through each room, listing its contents and writing down any supporting information. Include complete descriptions, estimated values, sales prices, serial numbers, brand names, model numbers and any other specific, identifying details.

Take pictures of your possessions if you can, and record your inventory on a computer disk, storing all supporting documents together in a safe place outside your home. Then, in the event of a loss, simply send a copy of this information to your Mississippi home insurance company or agent for loss verification.

Be sure to review your inventory once a year to ensure you have sufficient Mississippi homeowners insurance coverage. This will also provide protection for your family's valued treasures and heirlooms, and eliminate claims problems in the event of a disaster.

Protect Your Home!

Now that you understand Mississippi home insurance and why you need it, let InsureMe help you find the competitive quotes you need. Our experience in the industry, along with our relationship with thousands of insurers, means you get the right policy at the right price.

Contact us today for your five free quotes!

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