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Missouri Home Insurance Quotes

Welcome to InsureMe. We're glad you've taken this first step in lowering your insurance costs. InsureMe is your online source for Missouri homeowners' insurance. We'll provide you with fast, accurate information about Missouri home insurance! Plus, once you complete our easy form, you'll receive up to five free quotes from Missouri agents. Let's get started!

Understanding Missouri Homeowner's Insurance

Home insurance costs have been rising steadily over the last six years. Fortunately, they are projected to increase only 2.5 percent from last year, according to the Insurance Information Institute. But an increase still means higher prices for you.

Determine the Best Policy for You

There are five Missouri home insurance policies you can buy, depending on the type of coverage you want, the structure of your home, and whether you own or rent.

If you rent an apartment or home, you need Missouri renters' insurance or HO – 4. The Missouri Department of Insurance (MDI) recommends setting a $500 deductible to cover the loss or damage of your personal belongings within the rented residence in case of lightning, smoke, fire or water damage by pipes. You also should receive reimbursement for living expenses, liability and medical bills, if necessary.

Similarly, condominium insurance covers your personal property as well as any "additions or alterations" to the condo not insured by your condominium association, according to state law. The coverage is standard.

Missouri homeowners can save the most on home insurance costs because of the broad range of policy choices available. Your home can be insured under any of the following policies if you own the home and live there, and if no more than two families and two boarders live there:

  • Broad coverage HO-2 — standard coverage insuring personal property
  • Special coverage HO-3 — slightly more coverage insuring the building and personal property
  • Actual cash value HO-8 — primarily for older homes, your property will be reconstructed to livable conditions with common building materials; the insurer will not pay for any replacement costs beyond the basic reconstruction

For all the policies, separate insurance must be purchased to cover loss or damage from an earthquake, a flood or any acts of war.

Get the Most for Your Money

Missouri home insurance is designed to cover your investment in case of theft, damage or other unexpected hazards. In order to get the most out of your coverage, keep a home inventory — an up-to-date, detailed list of your belongings — readily available in case you need to file a claim. Consider your options carefully before filing a claim.

Whichever Missouri home insurance policy you choose, you need to read it thoroughly. Talk to your agent if you have questions. Be proactive! Stay in touch with your agent on a regular basis to ensure that your home insurance needs are met completely.

File a Claim or Absorb the Cost

Understand your Missouri homeowners' insurance deductible! If you set your deductible high, you'll pay more out-of pocket to replace or repair the lost or damaged property. But you'll be rewarded with lower home insurance rates and longer policy coverage. Your Missouri home insurance policy protects your financial interests; however, home insurance companies reward homeowners who don't file claims.

Since 2002, Missouri home insurers have been canceling or non-renewing Missouri home insurance policies where even one claim has been filed. According to MDI, Missouri homeowners who haven't filed a claim in more than a decade have been denied renewal after asking for assistance with weather-related repairs.

Currently, Missouri homeowners are at the mercy of home insurance companies once a claim is paid. At any time after the claim, an insurance company can decide to non-renew or cancel your policy. If this happens, the company must give you 30 days advance notice.

You do have some legal protection. Missouri state law says no home insurance company can cancel your insurance for discriminatory reasons. A Missouri home insurer also cannot deny you coverage because of a prior cancellation or non-renewal.

The state of Missouri has set up a home insurance FAIR Plan in case you are completely denied coverage by private insurers. FAIR provides limited Missouri home insurance coverage, excluding theft and liability; thus, apply only as a last result.

Calculate the Price You'll Pay

Now, before you sign a policy, ask for a good-faith estimate on the cost of the Missouri home insurance. We can't give you a magic formula, but we can tell you what determines your monthly premium.

Companies may gauge the price of your insurance on several factors:

  • Credit score
  • Number of past claims
  • Location of your home
  • Access to fire protection (number of hydrants, water supply, nearest fire station)
  • Structure of your home
  • Age of your home

It is illegal for a Missouri home insurance company to deny you coverage based solely on your credit score. Yet, how home insurers use credit scores to calculate insurance rates differ.

Consider bettering your credit score by paying off credit cards and loans, avoiding bankruptcy or foreclosure, and limiting your application for credit lines (mortgages or additional credit cards).

We suggest setting your Missouri home insurance deductible at the highest level you can comfortably afford. Your out-of-pocket expenses may increase, but your overall home insurance costs will be lower.

Take Control!

As the cost of Missouri home insurance continues to rise, your best defense is to be informed. Read your policy. Talk to your agent frequently, adjust your budget to accommodate a higher deductible, and improve your credit score. It's your home — your money — so protect your assets with a Missouri homeowners' insurance policy that works for you!

Your Missouri home insurance savings could start today! Fill out our "Get a Free Quote" box, and top-notch agents will provide you with quality plans at low cost prices. You deserve cheaper Missouri homeowners' insurance!

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