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Pennsylvania Home Insurance Quotes

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Important Pennsylvania Home Insurance Information

Over 200 licensed insurance companies currently sell home insurance in Pennsylvania. The cost depends, in part, on the area of the state in which you live. However, there are many other cost-determining factors, so comparison shop and make sure you are getting quotes for identical coverage when you make your price comparisons.

Although Pennsylvania homeowner's insurance is not required, your lender may require you to purchase it in order to qualify for financing.

Pennsylvania Home Insurance Coverage

Several types of Pennsylvania home insurance policies are commonly offered, so it is important to do your research and become informed about various insurance companies' and agents' offerings before choosing and signing any home insurance policy.

Some of the more frequently presented policies include:

  • Homeowners Broad Form (Form 2): Covers damage due to named perils such as hail, fire, vandalism, explosion, smoke, falling objects, plumbing breaks and personal liability.
  • Homeowners Special Form (Form 3): Covers risk of loss to physical property with certain specified exclusions. Also covers same perils as Form 2 for loss of contents and personal liability. More comprehensive and inclusive than Form 2.
  • Tenant's Homeowners Form (Form 4): A tenant's or renter's policy which offers coverage for personal property for all perils listed above, including personal liability.
  • Condominium Homeowners Form (Form 6): Designed to cover condominium owners' personal property and liability, and damage to the dwelling due to perils listed above.

Pennsylvania homeowner's insurance companies recommend you carry 100 percent replacement coverage on your home in case of a loss.

Tips for Your Protection

When you receive a Pennsylvania home insurance policy, read it thoroughly, making sure you understand its contents. The policy is a legal contract, so do not sign anything until you have clarified anything you do not understand. Ask the agent or insurance company about anything about which you have questions.

Check all agent/company licensing. It is illegal for unlicensed insurers to sell Pennsylvania homeowner's insurance. If you conduct business with an unlicensed company or agent, you have no guarantee that coverage will be honored, or you will be protected if the company goes out of business.

Shop and compare. Prices can vary greatly for the same coverage, so do your homework!

Set deductibles as high as possible. This will save you money on your Pennsylvania home insurance premium.

Ask about all available discounts. Some Pennsylvania home insurance companies offer premium discounts for installing safety items in your home such as deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or fire alarms. Other discounts include those for multiple policies, excellent payment/low claims histories, and a discount for senior citizens, to name just a few.

Check with your Pennsylvania insurance agent or company at least once a year to review your home insurance policy and ensure you have adequate coverage. As needs and conditions change, so should your home insurance coverage.

Getting an Accurate Quote

It is critical to provide the same information to each Pennsylvania home insurance agent when asking for a price quote. This ensures accurate quotes for the same coverage through multiple ensurers.

Most Pennsylvania insurance agents request the following information:

  • Description of your home
  • Square footage
  • Any installed security devices
  • Distance to nearest fire department/fire hydrant
  • Picture of your home
  • Coverage you want
  • Limits you want

"What determines how much my home insurance will cost?"

Many factors determine what you pay for your Pennsylvania home insurance. As mentioned above, your location within the state is one of these. Others include the type of construction used on your home (brick, frame, etc.), the age of your home, your home's distance from fire protection, the amount of coverage you are seeking, the height at which you set your deductible, and any discounts the insurance company provides.

Guaranteed Coverage

All Pennsylvania residents are guaranteed basic fire and crime insurance at competitive rates throughout the state through the Pennsylvania FAIR plan. You may purchase this coverage through any licensed home insurance agent or company, or call the FAIR plan toll free at 800-462-4972.


Questions or problems concerning your Pennsylvania homeowner's insurance should first be directed toward your insurance agent. However, for unresolved problems or questions, you may contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's Consumer Line at 877-881-6388, or visit their Web site at www.insurance.state.pa.us.

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