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Wyoming Home Insurance

Whether you've just bought your first home or you've owned one for many years, Wyoming home insurance backs your investment with essential protection. And InsureMe puts that protection at your fingertips.

Years of experience tell us you want the right policy at the right price. So we work hard to get you competing Wyoming home insurance quotes from leading insurers-and then let you choose the protection that fits you best.

Put the experts at InsureMe to work today.

Wyoming Home Insurance: What It Is and Isn't

Wyoming home insurance is:

  1. A contract between you and your insurance company
  2. Financial protection against major loss
  3. An investment you make in a shared fund

Your Wyoming homeowners insurance is not a personal savings account you contribute to each month. It is also not a home warranty or maintenance plan. Your home's maintenance is your responsibility, so it is not covered by your Wyoming home insurance plan.

How It Works

Your insurance company pools your premium payments together with those of other homeowners like you, creating a resource for loss recovery. When someone's home or property is damaged or lost due to disaster, your Wyoming home insurance provider dips into these funds to help that person replace or repair lost assets.

Things to Consider

Because mortgage lenders require Wyoming homeowners insurance, approximately 96 percent of those who own their home carry insurance on it.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't update the amount of Wyoming home insurance they hold often enough—if ever. It is important to regularly revisit your home insurance coverage to make sure it provides you and your family adequate protection. If local building costs rise or you remodel or expand your home, you should increase your Wyoming home insurance coverage accordingly.

Ways to Insure

Three methods of insuring your home include:

  1. Replacement cost: pays you to replace your home without deduction for depreciation
  2. Extended replacement cost: covers home replacement costs up to a certain percentage over the limit of your policy, usually 20 percent
  3. Actual cash value: replaces your home after subtracting for depreciation due to age and use

Remember: If you do not have sufficient Wyoming home insurance coverage, you are only partially insured against the cost of repairing or replacing your home-and you will be forced to make up the difference in the event of a loss.

Talk to a qualified Wyoming home insurance agent to find out the best method of insuring your home in your particular situation.

Before Damage Occurs

For your protection, you should plan to:

  • Check your Wyoming home insurance coverage annually to make sure you have enough insurance to repair or rebuild your home at current prices.
  • Maintain a home inventory of your personal belongings and keep it updated so you can provide documentation of ownership if you suffer a loss.
  • Talk to your insurer about purchasing an "endorsement," which provides extra coverage for any expensive items you own such as jewelry, art or furs.
  • Find out if you live in a flood zone, and purchase flood insurance if you do.
  • Insure your home for more than its market value.
  • Buy enough Wyoming home insurance to cover both the amount of your mortgage and the cost to rebuild.

Calculating Rebuilding Costs

To get a quick, rough estimate of what it would cost to rebuild your home, use this formula:

Local Building Cost Per Square Foot x Total Square Footage = Cost to Rebuild

Please note: This formula provides only an estimate, and should not replace your annual Wyoming home insurance policy review.

To find out the building rates in your area, contact your local builders association or a reputable builder.

Protect Your Investment!

Now, let InsureMe match you with top-notch Wyoming home insurance agents who can answer your questions, listen to your concerns and protect your home investment with the coverage you need.

Your home is your castle. Treat it that way with Wyoming home insurance quotes from us!

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