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Idaho Home Insurance

If you're looking for a new Idaho home insurance policy—or replacement coverage for a policy that just isn't sufficient—you've come to the right place.

Since 1993, InsureMe has been providing Idahoans with quick, competitive quotes from leading Idaho home insurance providers.

Send us your information today and let us help you find the best policy at the best price, too!

Idaho Home Insurance: The Protection You Need

Idaho home insurance provides much-needed protection for both your home and personal possessions. It also protects you against liability from accidents in which others are injured or their property is damaged due to your negligence.

Your Idaho homeowners insurance covers your home and property at either "replacement cost" or "actual cash value." Replacement cost coverage pays to replace your home and belongings with materials of like kind and quality at current market prices; actual cash value policies reimburse you only for your home's depreciated value. In other words:

Actual Cash Value = Replacement Cost Value - Depreciation

Most Idaho home insurance reimburses you at actual cash value, rather than replacement cost. However, if you feel you need replacement cost value added to your policy, you may do so for an added fee. Just let Idaho home insurance agents know of your desire when you shop for your home insurance quotes.

The Price You Pay

How much you pay for your Idaho homeowners insurance is based on several different factors related to your home and the coverage you choose. Some of these include:

  1. Your home's construction: frame houses generally cost more to insure than those made of brick.
  1. Your home's age: older homes are more difficult to insure than newer ones, and premiums are usually higher.
  1. Your deductible: your Idaho home insurance costs less when you choose a higher deductible.
  1. Discounts: insurers offer you cheaper premiums for such things as insuring both your home and car/s with the same company, and/or installing deadbolt locks or alarm systems in your home.
  1. Your local fire protection: both your home's distance from a fire hydrant and the quality of your local fire department factor into your Idaho home insurance rates.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for your Idaho home insurance policy. They could make quite a difference in what you end up paying for coverage!

Your Deductible

Your Idaho home insurance "deductible" is simply the amount you pay out of your own pocket on each insurance claim you file. In this case, your deductible applies only to the coverage you purchase for your house and personal property.

How high you set your deductible is entirely up to you. However, the higher your deductible, the cheaper your premium. In other words, the more you can afford to pay out of your own pocket before your Idaho home insurance company begins paying, the better off you are from a cost standpoint.

Just make sure you can actually pay whatever premium you decide on if you need to file a claim.

When You Need to File a Claim

No one ever expects disaster to strike their home or property. But it happens all the time—and usually when you least expect it—so preparation is key.

Keep these tips handy to help you file your Idaho home insurance claim in that unexpected moment:

  • Contact your agent immediately. Find out if you need to complete a claims form, or if the company would prefer to send a claims adjuster out to examine the damage.
  • Take pictures of anything that suffered damage, if possible. Write down any brand names, serial numbers and item values. The more information you can provide you insurer, the better off you'll be.
  • Examine your property and make a list of things to show the adjuster when he/she arrives.
  • Do NOT try to pass off previous damage as something that just occurred! Honesty is always the best policy…and adjusters can tell the difference in old damage and new.

The Protection You Deserve

Don't let the unexpected catch you by surprise! Contact InsureMe today for up to five competitive Idaho home insurance quotes. Then compare policies, coverage and price—and buy the protection you deserve.

Act today!

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