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Montana Home Insurance

Home insurance provides you the best protection available against disaster. And InsureMe makes Montana home insurance easy!

With a few minutes and a little information, we can get you on your way to the comprehensive home protection you need.

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What You Should Know About Montana Home Insurance

What It Is

Montana home insurance is simply disaster protection for your home and your belongings.

Although this involves situations beyond your control, having plenty of Montana homeowners insurance is within your control—and can mean your financial survival in a time of hardship.

What It Covers

The typical Montana homeowners insurance policy covers not only your home itself, but also your personal possessions.

In addition, it protects you against any financial responsibility when someone is injured on your property, whether you are home when the incident occurs or not.

To clarify, your Montana home insurance policy covers:

  • The structure of your home, as well as any other structures on your property (It does not cover your property.)
  • Your belongings, usually valued at half your home's worth
  • Liability for others hurt on your property, regardless of cause


Other structures on your property covered by your Montana homeowners insurance include items like sheds, a separate garage, a gazebo or pool. Your policy protects these structures from common threats like fire, smoke, lightning, theft and weather extremes—just as it protects your home from these perils.


Although most of your personal belongings are covered under your Montana home insurance policy, some of them are not. These items, such as expensive jewelry or art, may require coverage under a separate policy. If you own some of these expensive exclusions, ask your insurer for a policy that covers them.


Most standard Montana home insurance provides $100,000 in homeowner liability. However, if you have a pool, you should consider extra liability coverage through an "umbrella," or additional policy. Otherwise, you could find yourself legally liable if someone enters your property and is hurt or drowns in your pool.

How You Can Save

Saving money on your insurance is possible IF you use some tried and true strategies. Use the following tips as a money-saving blueprint for your Montana home insurance:

  1. Comparison shop, getting as many quotes as possible before making your final decision.
  2. Increase the deductible on your home. The more you pay toward claims, the more you reduce the risk your insurance company incurs—and the less you pay for your policy.
  3. Buy your home and car insurance from the same Montana home insurance provider. This usually gets you a "multiple policy" discount.
  4. Take extra reinforcing or protective measures to keep your home from incurring damage in a disaster.
  5. Ask for discounts. Your insurer may deduct a considerable amount from your premium for home security systems, smoke detectors, or even for remodeling your home. Seniors often qualify for considerable discounts, too.
  6. Check into group home insurance through an employer, alumni or business group. These plans almost always provide you a better deal than if you purchase your Montana home insurance on your own.
  7. Stay with the same home insurer as long as possible. This often gets you a discount.
  8. Review your Montana home insurance policy annually, making adjustments as building costs change in your area. (Lower building costs mean lower REBUILDING costs—which can mean a reduction in home insurance premiums.)

How InsureMe Can Help

InsureMe's relationship with hundreds of Montana home insurance providers means you get competitive quotes and the best protection available.

Take advantage of our experience in the industry. Submit your information today!

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