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North Carolina Homeowners Insurance

"For most people, the purchase of a home is the largest investment they will ever make. Protecting that investment…is extremely important."

—Jim Long, North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance

Purchasing a home requires hard work and planning. And finding the insurance you need to protect that investment is a vital necessity.

InsureMe understands what your home means to you. And we'll put you in touch with North Carolina home insurance agents who understand what's at stake, too—and who will work hard to get you the policy you need at a price you can afford.

Let us help you protect your hard-earned investment. Submit your information or give us a call today!

North Carolina Home Insurance: What it is and Why You Need it

Your North Carolina home insurance policy protects your home from damage incurred in the course of living. In addition, it protects you from financial duress by paying for any bodily injury or property damage for which you are liable.

Your North Carolina home insurance policy protects your home from damage incurred in the course of living. In addition, it protects you from financial duress by paying for any bodily injury or property damage for which you are liable.

Your home insurance company will act on your behalf by negotiating a settlement, defending you in court and paying any judgments against you.

If you finance your home, the bank may require you to insure it for at least the amount of your home loan. However, most North Carolina insurance policies require coverage of at least 80 percent of the home's replacement value.

Types of Homeowners Policies

Many types of North Carolina home insurance policies are available, so examine offerings closely to determine which policy type best suits your needs.

Most North Carolina home insurance companies offer the following types of coverage:

  • Broad Form (HO-2)—covers a single-family dwelling or townhouse against only specifically-listed perils.
  • Special Form (HO-3)—covers a single-family dwelling or townhouse against all risks except those specifically excluded.
  • Homeowners Contents Broad Form (HO-4) —provides coverage for a renter's personal property, but not the building itself.
  • Homeowners Unit-Owner's Form (HO-6) —covers a condominium owner's personal property, as well as any portion of the building he or she owns.
  • Homeowners Modified Coverage Form (HO-8) —insures the structure of an older home based on actual cash value.

What Determines Your Premium

North Carolina homeowner's insurance premiums can vary greatly, so comparison shop to find the best policy with the greatest value for the lowest cost.

Several factors influence how much your premium costs you. These include:

  1. Type of construction: Your home's ability to withstand or minimize loss has an impact on your premium. In addition, frame houses usually cost more to insure than brick houses.
  2. Age of your home: New homes may qualify for discounts. Some companies are hesitant to insure very old homes.
  3. Location: Urban areas have higher crime rates than rural areas, and rural areas tend to have fewer resources for fire protection. Both of these issues can affect your premium.
  4. Deductibles: The higher your deductible, or the amount you pay before the insurance company begins paying, the lower your premium.
  5. Amount of coverage: The amount of home insurance you purchase helps determine premium rates.
  6. Additional coverage: Any extra coverage or additional coverage types you add beyond required state minimums raises your premium.

How Much You Need

It is essential to buy enough North Carolina home insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family in case of loss. Many homeowners do not have adequate home coverage, which means their loss would be greater than what their insurance company would pay to replace that loss in case of a claim.

To determine how much North Carolina homeowner's insurance you need, consider the kind of coverage you want, how much you are able to pay for it, how much your home is worth and the value of its contents. Then decide whether you want to insure your home for its replacement cost or actual cash value. (Replacement cost is what it would cost to rebuild your home based on today's prices, whereas actual cash value is what your home would sell for in today's market.)

Regardless which home insurance method you use, keep track of what your home is worth, and check with your North Carolina home insurance agent yearly to determine if your property is adequately insured.

The time to find out you do not have enough insurance is NOT when you file a claim!

If You Have a Complaint…

If you feel a North Carolina home insurer has treated you unfairly or refused you coverage without due cause, first contact your insurance company and attempt to settle the matter. If, however, you are still not satisfied, contact your North Carolina Department of Insurance's Consumer Services Division at 800-546-5664. Insurance specialists are on staff there to help you resolve pertinent issues.

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