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Texas Home Insurance Quotes

Are you tired of high Texas home insurance prices? If you're stretching your budget to insure your home, stop-and let InsureMe help! Since 1993, we've helped countless Texans just like you save money on home insurance by putting money back in their pockets, right where it belongs.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time: fill out a short form, get matched with licensed agents from your area, and then simply choose from a variety of competitive offers. So get going now and you'll be fast on your way toward cheap home insurance and lower insurance premiums.

Home Ownership Means Home Insurance

If you've never shopped your insurance—and you don't really understand it all anyway—how do you know what to look for?

It's really not that complicated. You have one of two options, depending on what you need to cover:

  • A dwelling policy: covers the actual structure of your home-nothing more, nothing less
  • A homeowners policy: covers the dwelling, your personal property, liability, medical payments (if someone is hurt while on your property) and loss of use-pretty much the whole ball of wax

There are no minimum coverage amounts required in Texas. But remember: if you aren't covered and your house is damaged or someone gets hurt on your property, you are liable for any damages. So make sure you have sufficient coverage to protect yourself up-front.

Consider This—Your Insurer Does

Texas home insurance companies set rates based on many factors, most notably:

  1. Policy type and coverage
  2. Your home's construction, age and condition
  3. Deductible levels
  4. Additional coverages
  5. Where you live
  6. Distance from fire protection
  7. Credit and claims history
  8. Discounts you qualify for

Combined together, all these statistics mix to determine what you pay for homeowners insurance. Since no two situations are exactly alike, talking to a licensed agent is your best bet for finding the policy that suits you and your home best.

Protect Your Home, Protect Your Rates

What's the best way to get affordable Texas home insurance quotes? Use InsureMe to get matched with multiple agents! With a few agents vying for your business, you can get the policy that fits your needs—and your budget.

In addition, protecting your home and property at all times, whether you're home or not, is a great way to keep rates low. So take these tips to heart for maximum protection:

  1. Don't hide spare keys outside where burglars can find them.
  2. Add secure window locks to your windows and peepholes to your doors-and use them!
  3. Prepare a household inventory of all your possessions now, before you experience a loss, and keep it in a secure, safe place outside your home.
  4. Make sure your home has plenty of exterior lighting.
  5. Buy fire extinguishers and keep them close by.
  6. Install smoke detectors, deadbolt locks and burglar systems.
  7. Ask a neighbor to check on your home when you are away, and keep it well lit so it appears you are home.
  8. Keep sidewalks clear of debris.
  9. Never smoke in bed!

Now Insure Your Home!

Now that you're well versed on home insurance, there's nothing stopping you from getting the best deal on the best coverage anywhere. Whether you live in Austin, Houston, Dallas or anywhere in between, we can help you find the right insurance!

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